• Address: Sofia 1849, Kremikovtsi, "Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets" 1A str.

Recycling installations and machinery

Entirely dedicated to our initial goal, fully enclosing the recycling process into a refuse and scrap-free cycle required us investing in installations and plants of the highest caliber. They fully comply with the environmental preservation norms and requirements.

The company is the sole contributor and is the only one in Bulgaria which has the machinery and technology required for the treatment, full recycling and reuse of such a wide range of refuse. In practice, once all of the projected and planned installations start their exploitation, along with those which are already operational, we will achieve the desired effect of ZERO negative environmental impact.

шредерна инсталация на екометал

Shredder installation for the rework of out of use motor vehicles

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd implemented the first ever shredder installation for the fragmentation of metal refuses, courtesy of the Italian manufacturer Bongfignlioli with a workload capacity of 6 T/H. we are now in the possession of Easter Europe’s most modern, state of the art shredder system OFRV (out of order vehicles) and refuse from motor vehicles. This new installation comes from the German manufacturer Metso Lindemann. Its capacity is 40 tons/h.

The installation utilizes a highly efficient separation system and technology. Once placed into the installation, a vehicle will pass through 20 levels of rework. During the process of metal scrap shredding, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are milled into 5-10 cm and sorted. The resulting materials – the shredded scrap metal, is our end product – a valuable resource for metallurgical factories.

рециклираща техника на екометал 1
рециклираща техника на екометал 2
рециклираща техника на екометал 3

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd is the first to implement a system for the purchase and transportation of old vehicles for scrap. Up until today, the company has reworked more than 110 000 automobiles.

балиране с преса от екометал

1. Baling with a press.

нарязване с индустриална ножица на балите

2. Cutting down the bales to 30-35cm sizes pieces using an industrial cutting press.

шредиране на металите от екометал

3. Shredding (the milling of metal scrap into 5 – 10 cm sized pieces) and separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The resulting materials are the end product, which are highly sought after by metallurgical manufacturers.

Slag reclamation

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd holds more than 20 000 000 tons of slag, accumulated in the vaults of the metallurgical plant “Kremikovci”. We reclaim and purify the slag using a specialized mill for the treatment of slag byproduct from blast furnace and steel foundry work.

The slag is reworked and purified into pure base metals and inert materials (ferrous free and fractioned slag).

рециклираща техника на екометал 16
рециклираща техника на екометал 17
рециклираща техника на екометал 18

The company has a pellet machine which reworks the fine fractions of metal into working size pellets.

Aside from the physical removal of the accumulate slag, the company also works towards the cultivation and reforestation of the holding fields.