• Address: Sofia 1849, Kremikovtsi, "Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets" 1A str.

Ferrous metals and their alloys

The main operation of “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd is the trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The company created a fully closed cycle for the reworking of metal refuse.

We’ve created an effective network of bases and reclamation centers all around Bulgaria and we are the proud owners of a private railway infrastructure and a fleet of heavy transport vehicles used for the quick and efficient transportation and gathering of refuse materials.

метали от екометал
черни и цветни метали от екометал

Our production provides a wide range of sheet metal, dense refuse, wiring, fencing, shavings as well as a wide range of non-ferrous metals and their alloys – aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, lead, nickel and others.

The reworked materials find a wide application in the work of every single metallurgical manufacturer, more specifically the production of slabs, sheet rolls, sheet metal and other end products.

Shredded metal scrap

The resulting material, from the reclamation of out of use old motor vehicles and metal scrap, is a valuable resource for the metallurgical industry.

Шредиран метален скрап от екометал
Шредиран метален скрап

Metal Recovery

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd is the owner of more than 20 million tons of slag, which it refines and reworks in its factory for the treatment of slag from blast furnace and steel foundry manufacturing.

The resulting fractions of reclaimed metal are put back into steel foundry manufacturing as a raw material.

Метален възврат 0 до 3 мм

Reclaimed metal 0 to 3 mm

Метален възврат 20 до 80 мм

Reclaimed metal 20 to 80 mm

Метален възврат 3 до 7 мм

Reclaimed metal 3 to 7 mm

Промит метален възврат

Chemically reclaimed metal

Метален възврат 7 до 20 мм

Reclaimed metal 7 to 20 mm