• Address: Sofia 1849, Kremikovtsi, "Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets" 1A str.

Mechanization and transport

The “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd fleet includes more than 80 freight trucks, 15 light loading trucks and 6 specialized “Road Assistance” vehicles for the removal of old vehicles. When choosing the fleet manufacturers, the company partners with Mercedes, Scania and MAN.

In addition, “Ecometal Engineering” Ltd has over 90 road construction machines, front loaders, industrial diggers and fadromes. We chose to work with manufacturers like LEIBHERR, KOMATSU, FUCHS and ATLAS in order to secure the quality and effectiveness of the manufacturing process as well as the completion of high priority infrastructure projects.

Бракуване на кола

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd is actively participating in the clean-up of Sofia from the multitude of motor vehicles which pollute it. For years the company held a contract with the Capital’s municipality, for the redemption and clean-up of 9 Sofia regions from abandoned vehicles. Thanks to our own repo trucks, we can easily remove the abandoned and out of order vehicles from the homes of their owners, and move them to our base of operations for vehicle reclaiming in the borough of “Kremikovci”. As of today, the company has reclaimed and recycled more than 110 000 vehicles.