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At the heart of our company philosophy sits a system which ensures the environmental preservation and protection based on a strategy of eco-friendly recycling of refuse.

Our goal is to destroy the myth that refuse is a “dirty business” by introducing “cleanliness” in the process of reclamation by turning refuse into resources ready for second use. The recycled materials we handle are invested as raw materials, into the production of wind turbines, ships and recycling plants.

Through the already implemented installations and the recycling centers which are about to open, the company is closing the cycle of refuse reclamation, allowing for the production of quality raw materials and bio-fuels.

The company operation of metal reclamation is supported by the appropriate certificates of international standard ISO:14001:2004 for the management of the environment.

Program for refuse management

С грижа за екологичните предизвикателства

The company program for resource and refuse management was developed according to legislative requirements, based on the law for environmental preservation and the National program for management of activities with refuse.

The program is based on these principles:

  • A clean and healthy environment;
  • Integrated management of refuse;
  • Full responsibility for the polluters;
  • Public involvement.


The main goals as put forward by the company for the current program are as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly treatment of dangerous refuse which has arrived or been generated on the company premises;
  • Closely following the requirements of the normative acts, which treat the problems relating to the management of refuse during the company operation;
  • Step-by-step expansion of the company operations – new depot developments in other regions of the country and an expansion of the nomenclature of the already gathered refuse.

The utilized technology for the treatment of refuse, which is implemented in the internal order of the company, ensures an effective reclamation of refuse in all work depots held by the company, regardless if they are for scrapped cars or other metal refuse sources. The internal company bylaws, responsibility and technological security of our operations, guarantee the normal exploitation of all technical capabilities owned by the company and a complete functionality of our operation.

Цветята са част от природата

“Ecometal Engineering” Ltd Policy

This policy is based on our constant involvement with the improvement of operations. Upholding the highest standards for environmental preservation, and accommodating our clients’ requirements, is our main priority with the management of the company. The foundations on which our company policy is based on are to increase outreach, to improve the quality as well as a responsibility towards everyone involved with our operations. All of this is possible due to the care that Ecometal Engineering Ltd provides for its work force and the qualification increase it strives to achieve.

Overall goals for quality and the environment

A) To create, manage and maintain an integrated system for the management of the company operations relating to environmental preservation and daily quality improvements. With this we will achieve:

  • Goal completion through a planned and controlled operations performance;
  • Constant service improvement based on actual customer feedback;
  • Compliance to all laws, requirements, rules and legislation.

B) To provide a motivating work environment which naturally improves the professional qualifications of our workforce and thus allowing us to achieve higher quality production.

  • To make goal achievement a lot easier through planned and controlled job completion;
  • To improve out workflow based on actual customer feedback.